Missouri Angus Association

Regional Associations

Regional Angus Associations in Missouri

In addition to the Missouri Angus Association, we are blessed to have active regional associations in Missouri.  Here are additional details and contacts for our regional associations:


President: Neil Tilly, Morrison, MO; 573-763-5389
Vice President: Tim Herron, Mexico, MO; 573-473-2087
Secretary: Robert Jordan, Baldwin, MO; 636-394-6933
Treasurer: Tim Gutermuth, St. Charles, MO; 636-250-3708

Board Member: Bob Daugherty; 573-436-2110
Board Member: Robert Schaefer, St. Peters, MO; 636- 447-2526
Board Member: Don Schaefer, Jefferson City, MO; 573-395-4281
Board Member: David Bates, Union, MO; 573-308-5011
Board Member: John Schneider, California, MO; 573-291-2992
Board Member: Roger Behlmann, St. Paul, MO; 636-262-9708
Board Member: Pete Koenigsfeld; 573-897-3491
Board Member: Ben Williams, Rhineland, MO; 573-291-9621

Annual Sales are the 3rd Saturday in April and 2nd Saturday in October.
Visit the East Central Angus Association website or  East Central Angus Association Facebook page for more details.


President: Traves Merrick, Miller, MO; 417-536-8080
Vice President: Brett Naylor, Buffalo, MO; 417-880-6039
Secretary: Rick Geller, Nesho, MO; 660-946-4332
Treasurer: Ted Koontz, Sparta, MO; 417-634-3124

Board Member: Chris Tarter, Galena, MO; 417-844-6263
Board Member: Craig Stevenson, Ozark, MO; 417-894-4285
Board Member: Don Ely, Hartville, MO; 417-830-7530
Board Member: Deana Wolf, Galena, MO; 417-231-2333

Annual Sale is the 1st Saturday in April.
Visit the Four State Angus Association Facebook page for more details.


President: Stan Smith, West Plains, MO; 417-293-8220
President-Elect: Tom Asher, Pomona, MO; 417-277-5827
Vice President: Stacey Guffey, Bakersfield, MO; 417-372-2886
Secretary: Becky March, Doniphan, MO; 573-660-0788
Treasurer: Stephanie Guffey, Bakersfield, MO; 417-372-2886

Board Member: Kyle Wake, Willow Springs, MO; 417-855-0101
Board Member: Justin Nelson, Mtn. Grove, MO;  417-926-2549
Board Member: Kent Kelley, West Plains, MO; 417-274-7300
Board Member: Eric Mohler, Cabool, MO; 417-926-9491
Board Member: Roy Jones, Springfield, MO; 417-255-4607
Board Member: Robbie Kirkland, Caulfield, MO; 417-255-3002

Annual Sales are the 2nd Saturday in March and 3rd Saturday in October.
Visit the Heart of the Ozarks Angus Association website or  Heart of the Ozarks Angus Association Facebook page for more details.

President: Jason Kable, Madison, MO; 573-721-1712
Vice President: Tim Herron, Mexico, MO; 573-473-2087
Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Innes, Fayette, MO; 573-445-8229
Sales Manager: Fred Weiker, Fayette, MO; 660-248-3765

Board Member: Nathan Martin, Centralia, MO; 573-682-7781
Board Member: Roland Hudson, Jefferson City, MO; 573-388-2040
Board Member: John Schneider, California, MO; 573-291-2992
Board Member: Rusty Meredith, Fayette, MO;
Board Member: Vernon Yager, Sturgeon, MO; 573-687-3889
Board Member: Bobby Dale McBride, Centralia, MO; 573-682-2874
Board Member: Jim Innes, Boonville, MO; 660-888-2613
Board Member: Doug Chambers, Fayette, MO; 660-248-2949

Annual Sale is the 2nd Friday in April.
Visit the Howard County Angus Association Facebook page for more details.


President: Susan Coon, Bethel, MO; 660-341-5192
Vice President: Tyler Haerr, Taylor, MO; 217-257-4639
Secretary/Treasurer: Albert Meyers, Oakville, MO; 573-719-7322

Annual Sale is the 3rd Saturday in March.
Visit the Mississippi Valley Angus Association Facebook page for more details.