Missouri Angus Association


Calendar of Events

2021 Angus Sales and Events

12/11/2021 Wheeler Angus Production Sale Paris, MO

2022 Angus Sales & Events

01/02/2022 Registered 4 Success Sale Clarinda, IA
01/05/2022 Angus Link Special Feeder Calf Sale Green City, MO
02/01/2022 Hoover Angus Sale Creston, IA
02/12/2022 Crooked Creek Angus Sale Clarinda, IA
02/18/2022 Galaxy Beef Production Sale Macon, MO
02/19/2022 Byergo Family Angus Sale Savannah, MO
02/19/2022 Gilbert Cattle Co. Private Treaty Open House Oldfield, MO
02/19/2022 Pine View Angus Sale Colesburg, IA
02/26/2022 Illinois Angus Futurity Sale Springfield, IL
02/26/2022 Missouri Angus Association Annual Meeting Columbia, MO
02/26/2022 Missouri Angus Association Membership Banquet Columbia, MO
02/27/2022 65th Missouri Angus Breeders’ Futurity Sale Online
03/04/2022 Express Annual Spring Bull Sale Yukon, OK
03/05/2022 Mead Farms Bull Sale Versailles, MO
03/11/2022 Schlager Angus Production Sale Palmyra, MO
03/12/2022 Flickerwood Angus Sale Jackson, MO
03/12/2022 Heart of the Ozarks Angus Assoc. Sale West Plains, MO
03/12/2022 Sampson Cattle Co. Bull Sale Kirksville, MO
03/16/2022 Valley Oaks Prime Choice Sale Chilhowee, MO
03/17/2022 Henke Farms Sale Salisbury, MO
03/18/2022 Marshall & Fenner Farms Sale Boonville, MO
03/19/2022 Brinkley Angus Ranch Bull Sale Green City, MO
03/19/2022 Mississippi Valley Angus Sale Palmyra, MO
03/20/2022 Briarwood Angus Farms Spring Sale Butler, MO
03/21/2022 Hinkle’s Prime Cut Angus Sale Nevada, MO
03/22/2022 Superior Beef Genetics Sale Lamar, MO
03/26/2022 3C Cattle Co. Sale Carrollton, MO
03/26/2022 Soaring Eagle Farms Spring Bull Sale Springfield, MO
03/26/2022 Worthington Angus Sale Dadeville, MO
03/28/2022 Southwest MO Performance Tested Bull Sale Springfield, MO
04/01/2022 Meyer Cattle Co. Performance in the Pasture Sale Bowling Green, MO
04/02/2022 Bennett, Biggs & Switzer Production Sale Green City, MO
04/02/2022 Four State Angus Association Sale Springfield, MO
04/04/2022 Brockmere Farms Inc. Sale New Cambria, MO
04/07/2022 Hunter Angus Sale Fair Grove, MO
04/08/2022 Howard County Angus Association Sale Boonville, MO
04/11/2022 Hillside Angus Ranch Winner’s Choice Sale Online
04/12/2022 Checkerhill Angus “Ladies With Style” Sale Online
04/12/2022 Sydenstricker Genetic Influence Sale New Cambria, MO
04/16/2022 East Central Missouri Angus Association Sale Cuba, MO
05/14/2022 Byergo Angus Sale Savannah, MO
05/14/2022 Mead Angus Farms Bull & Female Production Sale Versailles, MO
05/28/2022 Soaring Eagle Production Sale Springfield, MO
06/11/2022 MO Junior Angus Preview Show Sedalia, MO
06/12/2022 MO Angus Preview Show Sedalia, MO
07/01/2022 National Junior Angus Show Kansas City, MO
08/11/2022 Missouri State Fair 4-H & FFA Angus Shows Sedalia, MO
08/12/2022 Missouri State Fair Open Angus Show Sedalia, MO
10/07/2022 Smith Valley Angus Sale Salem, MO
10/08/2022 East Central Missouri Angus Association Sale Cuba, MO
10/12/2022 Valley Oaks Prime Choice Sale Chilhowee, MO
10/15/2022 Gerloff Farms Bull Fest Sale Bland, MO
10/15/2022 Heart of the Ozarks Angus Assoc. Sale West Plains, MO
10/16/2022 Frank/Hazelrigg Cattle Co. Sale Fulton, MO
10/17/2022 Hinkle’s Prime Cut Angus Sale Nevada, MO
10/22/2022 Mead Farms Production Sale Versailles, MO
10/23/2022 Baker Angus Sale Butler, MO
10/29/2022 Wall Street Cattle Company Sale Lebanon, MO
11/06/2022 American Angus Assoc. National Convention Salt Lake City, UT
11/07/2022 American Angus Association Annual Meeting Salt Lake City, UT
11/05/2022 Worthington Angus Bull & Commercial Female Sale Dadeville, MO
11/19/2022 Sydenstricker Genetics Sale Mexico, MO