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Missouri Angus Association History

Missouri Angus history began when George Grant exhibited two his Angus bulls in the fall of 1873 at the Kansas City (Missouri) Livestock Exposition. This exhibition ignited a passion in livestock producers in Missouri that led to importing cattle. Ten years later, the American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders’ Association was founded with 60 members. The association has thrived and now has a shortened name, the American Angus Association.

J. C. Penny and farming partner Orin James had great success with Angus cattle since beginning their cattle operation in 1937. Home Place Angus became one of the top Angus breeding operations in the United States throughout the 1940’s and early 1950’s with the purchase one of the first notable bulls, Eileenmere 487.  487’s sons, raised near Hamilton, Missouri, was just the beginning of the many successes that would come from Missouri.

With the success and growth of the Angus breed, Missouri was fortunate to be able to have their own state association to assist members in their needs. One of the only states to have a fieldman, now general manager, this has helped to contribute to our success as a state association.

Now, Missouri is proud to stand in the top 10 for memberships, transfers, cattle registered and junior members with the American Angus Association. Many of these accomplishments were built by the rich foundation of those that came before us.

In time, this page will contain a full Missouri Angus Association history. Below is a partial history created in 2004.

A 2004 article published by the Angus Journal

I am Angus video featuring Harold Henry on J.C. Penney and Homeplace Farm

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