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Young Cattle Genetics has live cattle, embryos and semen available Private Treaty
Due to the continual lack of affordable pasture in NW Missouri, YCG is moving more to the genetic arena of beef production. Offering:

  • YCG Home Grown 1008 (20159047) this a 2-year old son of the HW Complete of 6108 1548 cow that was Cox Ranch’s $170,000 selection in the 2015 Bases Loaded sale. Believe to be a true heifer bull as his first calves(from first calf heifers to older cows) have averaged less than 65# birth weights. Asking $7,500 for 1/2 interest and 3/4 possession (I would only be interested in using the bull for late April-July calves) with 100 units of semen.
  • SydGen Royal Queen 0627 (20012247) is a young cow that should be bred for a late spring 2024 calf by the 1008 bull, calved unassisted and excellent mother 1st calf.
  • YCG Dream On Rita 048H (ASA 3904189) young half blood SimAngus cow out of the 1548 cow, bred also to the 1008 bull for a late spring calf, she also calved unassisted and is an excellent mother to her 1st calf.
  • 2 Lock N Load embryos from the 048H cow above.
  • 6 Transcendent X YCG Ritas Acclaim 1148 (20069594) embryos.
  • 3 or 5 Jindra Acclaim X HW Complete of 6108 1548 (17379838). These embryos would be flush mates to the cow above.
  • 10 Enhance 7488 X YCG G Duchess EXP 208E (19042963) embryos. Big easy fleshing cow always weans big calves.
  • 2 Home Town 7488 X YCG G Duchess EXP 208E (19042963) embryos.
  • 20 Transcendent X YCG G Duchess EXP 208E (19042963) embryos.
  • 5 Payweight 1682 X YCG G Duchess EXP 210E (19042973) embryos. Dam is a flush mate to the 208E cow with the same big, easy fleshing cow family that weans big calves.
  • 10 Home Town 7488 X YCG G Duchess 210E (19042973) embryos.
  • 10 SAF 598 Bando 5175 (12350821) X SydGen G Duchess 7383 (15793130) embryos. Purchased for $7,000, this cow was a donor at SydGen and is the dam to the two above cows and her last calf SimAngus bull weaned at 900#.
  • 11 Irish Whisky (Maine bull) X SydGen G Duchess 7383 (15793130) embryos.
  • 3 GAR Prophet X SydGen G Duchess 7383 (15793130) embryos.
  • 6 Transcendent X 3C Rita 7156 (19225481) embryos. SydGen bred cow that is large frame and has great EPD numbers!
  • 3 HPCA Veracious X 3C Rita 7156 (19225481) embryos.
  • Semen on the YCG Home Town 1008 bull is available at $20/unit. Have other Angus, Simmental, and Maine along with some clubby semen.

Contact Robert Young at 816-271-3388 or youngcattle303@gmail.com.

Wilber’s Fish Branch Angus offers Bulls Private Treaty in Mexico, MO
Registered Yearling ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE. Calving ease, Good growth, Docile, Excellent Genetics. Tested & ready to work bulls! Come see what we have to offer. Call Gatlin 573-721-3444, John 573 721 5646 or visit www.fishbranch.com for more information.

Calving Ease Bulls for Sale in Wykoff, MN
Kleve Cattle Company is operated by John and Lynn Kleve in Wykoff, MN. 2-year-old calving ease registered Angus bulls for sale currently as well as developing bulls for sale in 2023. For the listing of bulls, go to klevecattle.com/. For more information, you can also call John Kleve at 563-380-3192.