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Clearwater Farm offers Bred Heifers for Sale in Republic, MO
20 Angus bred heifers for sale. Purebred. AI bred to calving-ease bulls. Call Jim at 417-827-0623 or Joann at 417-827-2756 for additional information.

Wilber’s Fish Branch Angus offers Bulls Private Treaty in Mexico, MO
Registered Yearling ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE. Calving ease, Good growth, Docile, Excellent Genetics. Tested & ready to work bulls! Come see what we have to offer. Call Gatlin 573-721-3444, John 573 721 5646 or visit www.fishbranch.com for more information.

Big Creek Private Treaty Bred Heifer offering in Northwest, MO
Big Creek Angus has 20+ years history of registered angus cow/calf operation.

Have four heifers Transova implanted and recent blood tested – Biogen confirmed Pregnancy recipient heifers, Jindra Acclaim, RB Tour of Duty, Quaker Hill Rampage, Byergo Black Magic AI and four natural bred registered heifers to SydGen Enhance.

All recipients and natural bred heifers have confirmed pregnancies and recipients are my best heifers genetics themselves. Angus GS DNA tested for EPDS, parentage and genetic defect free offered by the American Angus Association. Embryos will calve first days of September and natural bred later in September 2023. Will deliver free to ranches locally. Good to excellent Angus expected progeny differences (EPDs). Discounts available to registered Angus Breeders and no charge for registration transfer papers.

LA Genetics Private Treaty Bull Offering in Russellville, MO
LA Genetics LLC currently has available for your appraisal and selection an impressive set of purebred Angus Herd Bull Prospects. They are offering two different age groups which includes:

17- to 18-month-old Angus bulls sired by GAR Combustion, Sydgen Enhance, GB Fireball 672 and SAV Rainfall; and 13-month-old Angus bulls sired by Huckleberry, Exponential and Cadillac Ranch.

Bulls are available by private treaty. All bulls are sold on a first come, first served basis. To schedule a viewing contact, Larry Thompson at (573) 782-3317 or (573) 694-7030.

All LA Genetic LLC Angus Bulls come with:

• DNA Parentage Tested and verified.
• Full EPD profiles that are enhanced with Genomic values.
• Weights and measurements recorded in AHIR with American Angus.
• Tested Negative for BVD-PI.
• Registration paper and Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE) upon delivery.

This group of bulls have an average group EPD profile of the following:

• Top 25% for Calving Ease Direct (CED)
• Top 35% for Birth Weight (BW)
• Top 30% for Weaning Weight (WW)
• Top 25% for Yearling Weight (YW)
• Top 20% for Marbling (MARB)
• Top 25% for Ribeye (RE)
• Top 25% for $Weaning ($W)
• Top 15% for $Beef ($B)
• Top 15% for $Combination ($C)

Horseshoe Ranch in California, MO offering Yearling Bulls for Sale
Willis Ramer is offering four yearling bulls for sale. For additional information about the offering below, contact 660-337-0100.

  • HR Power Surge 002K (20422287) – Mead Power Surge T121 son that goes back to Basin Rainmaker 4404 on the bottom side. This high growth yearling bull is genomic tested and parent verified and carries the Certified Angus Beef Targeting the brand logo.
  • HR Plus 005K (20416161) – Connealy Plus 5613 son with a +10 CED and -1.1 BW, Show-Me Select Qualified bull. Born on Valentines Day 2022, this bull is genomic tested and parent verified and carries the Certified Angus Beef Targeting the brand logo.
  • HR Perseverance 0001K (20416149) – Mead Perseverance U687 son with a +10 CED and +.1 BW, Show-Me Select Qualified bull. Early January 2022 yearling with a balanced EPD profile that represents the Rita and Pride cow families at Mead Farms. Genomic tested and parent verified.
  • HR Plus 007K (20416162) – Connealy Plus 5613 son backed by Bar R Jet Black 5063 on the bottom side. 007K has a +11 CED while offering an exceptional growth spread with a +139 YW. This Show-Me Select Qualified bull March 2022 born yearling is genomic tested and parent verified.

Calving Ease Bulls for Sale in Wykoff, MN
Kleve Cattle Company is operated by John and Lynn Kleve in Wykoff, MN. 2-year-old calving ease registered Angus bulls for sale currently as well as developing bulls for sale in 2023. For the listing of bulls, go to klevecattle.com/. For more information, you can also call John Kleve at 563-380-3192.