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Cattle Manager Needed near Carrollton, MO
3C Cattle Co. located in North Central Missouri is a Registered Angus seedstock operation specializing in the production of herd bulls sold primarily to commercial cow/calf producers. We are currently running 700 head of cows.

We are seeking an experienced, hard-working, knowledgeable person to join our crew as a Cattle Manager. The individual will manage and be hands on with cow/calf production duties, including, but not limited to, daily checking and caring for cattle, processing newborn calves, identifying sick or lame cattle and properly doctoring as needed, reproductive management, herd health procedures, data collection from birth to marketing, forage/grazing management, cattle ration preparation and feeding, sorting & hauling cattle. Other job duties are haying, putting out mineral, cleaning chute, alleyway and pens, checking fence & waterers and annual sale preparation. This is a job that requires daily physical labor and work on weekends. Good communication skills, attention to detail and being a team player are a must.

Pay will be based on experience. Health, dental, vision and life insurance available, as well as 401K and profit sharing. To apply for this position, email resume with 3 professional references to tcci@creasonpipeline.com. We will check references, no family or friend references please.

Cowherd Position Available in Mexico, MO
Sydenstricker Genetics is seeking a full-time employee. Basic animal husbandry experience and skills essential (animal care, herd health, nutrition, calving, etc.). Ability to AI is not necessary but helpful. Person will be working as a member of team but must be dependable and able to work independently. Housing and benefits available. Salary commensurate with experience.

For more information, or to apply contact Ben Eggers at 573-473-9202 or ben@sydgen.com.

Herding Dog Puppies for Sale in California, MO.
Excellent herding dogs! Born 1/12/22, these puppies are priced at $350 for Blue Merle and $225 for Tri-color. Contact Ester Ramer at 660-337-6932.

Young Cattle Genetics Dispersal: Unable to replace pasture! – Maysville, MO.
Robert Young has been a life member of the Angus Assn since 1973 and is a fourth generation Angus breeder. He will eventually be starting over again for the 3rd time in a few years. In the last 10 years, he first selected for docility, then milking and mothering ability with heavy weaning weights.  These cows are not what is left, but the ones he would sell last! Contact Robert for more information on cows or embryos at 816-271-3388 or youngcattle303@gmail.com. Call and stop by the farm in Maysville, MO.

  • Offering YCG Home Grown 1008 Bull (20159047). EPD ranking of 1% for $C, $B, $G, PAP, Marb (+1.64), and RE (+1.24). Also the 15% for Milk and $W with very few bulls have this combo of 1% Marb and RE, fewer still with a 1% for PAP. Adj. weaning wt. 808 lbs. Passed semen test at 11 months with a 37 cm scrotal, actual weight of 1230 lbs. Have collected one time and passed the freezing test. Priced at $10,000 for possession and 1/2 semen and revenue sharing. Semen is also available on this bull by contacting Robert.
  • YCG Gracie Rita 2108 (20159048), a flush sister to the above bull. EPD rating of 1% for $G, 3% Marb, 10% $B, $C, Milk, and top 20% RE. Adj weaning wt. 780 lbs. Great disposition, halter broke, would be a great heifer for first time junior and a great cow later.
  • Flush sister to the above listings, born 2-17-22 with big Registered Simmental receipt, heavy milker, great disposition.
  • YCG Ritas Acclaim 1148 (20069594), maternal sister to the above listings. EPD ratings of 1% for $G, 3% Marb, 4% CEM, 5% PAP, 10% for $C, $B, milk, 15% fat, and 20% RE. Great disposition, due 8-1-22 to GAR Transcendent with a heifer calf. Has been flushed 1 time for 7 frozen embryos, offering up to 6 of them separately.
  • Donor: 3C Rita 7156 (19225481). This is a young big, power cow, pure SydGen genetics with an out cross pedigree to most popular genetics now. Top 1% for $C, $B, $G, $F, Marb, CE, YW, RADG, MW, and MH. Had an adj. weaning wt. of 745 lbs., ratio 113, adj. yearling wt. of 1009 lbs., ratio 119. Have flushed 1 IVF flush for 9 grade 1 embryos and 3 transferable. Has a heifer calf by WILKS Anchor born 3/17/22 included in sale. Selling possession and 1/2 embryo interest.
  • Donor: YCG G Duchess 208E (19042963). This cow and her flush mate sister below are one of the few cows by the Sydgen Express 3487B bull. Respectable EPD numbers, weaned her last calf at 6 months at 660 lbs. Planning to flush 4/8/22 again. If someone would purchase cow would share the flush, 1/2 the cost of flush. Have GAR Transcendent embryos for sale also.
  • Donor: YCG G Duchess 210E (19042973). Was the receipt for the 2108 heifer above with a adj. weaning wt. 780 lbs. These cows will raise a big calf, set up to flush same as her sister, with same offer. Have a few GAR Hometown embryos from this cow for sale also.
  • Recipient: Sydgen Pride (18796198),5-year-old, reliable, excellent mother and milker, weaned last calf with a adj. 205 wt. of 901 lbs. Due 8/28/22 with a 208E X Transcendent embryo.
  • Recipient: #515 Simmental X Swiss,7-year-old, reliable, excellent mother and milker, carrying a Transcendent X 208E embryo, due 9/7/22. She recently weaned her SydGen Enhance bull calf with a 945 lb. weight.